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PD-792 Ex
"Intrinsically Safe Portable"

Hytera PD792 Ex, fully compliant to DMR open standard of ETSI, comes to be the world's
First IIC Atex Digital Portable Radio. FM standard of North America, IEC, and ATEX standards compliance,
plastic-encapsulated technology, error-prevention design, and IP67 protection ensure intrinsically safe and
reliable communication in hazardous scenes with explosive gas and combustible dusts.

Ergonomic Design
PD792 Ex adopts a 1.8-inch high resolution color transflective LCD display,
allowing crystal-clear visibility even under outdoor strong light.
Big keypad ensures precise and convenient operation even with gloves on.

Strictly compliant with FM standard of North America, IEC & ATEX standards, PD792 Ex passes one-month
series tests in simulated harsh environments. MIL-STD-810C/D/E/F compliance and & IP67 protection
  ensure outstanding and reliable performance in demanding  environments.

Error-prevention Design
Automatic alarm will be triggered when batteries or accessories of lower
security level are applied, thus avoiding accidents of this kind.

Plastic-encapsulated technology The plastic-encapsulated technology is applied to the radio unit and battery,
isolating their internal circuits from dangerous gas and dusts outside.
This technology is applied in PD792 Ex
at the cost of lower production efficiency due to the challenging demands in design and
manufacturing, which is always worthy as Hytera sees it.

IP67 Protection
One-meter submersion up to 30 minutes

Anti-static shell
The rugged and durable shell dissipate static electricity, thus preventing  sparks..

High-strength LCD protective lens
The high-strength LCD protective lens minimizes scratch and withstands the impact of 1KG hammer.

Innovative battery latch
The patented battery latch design keeps the battery in place when  the radio falls from a height.

Non-slip design
The non-slip design delivers strong grab-hold, also  comfortable operation



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