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Hytera BD302

The BD302 is our most cost-effective digital portable radio, while maintaining a sleek and durable design. It weighs 5 oz. and itís compact dimensions (with antenna) are 7.52 x 1.93 x 1.02 inches. The BD302 radio supports both Analog and Digital platform. Itís channel capacity is 48 and itís frequency range is UHF 400-470Mz. The battery used with the BD302 is a Lithium Ion 2200mAh. The impressive battery life for the sleek BD302 is approximately 16 hours for Analog and approximately 22 hours for Digital. The BD302 has a Micro-USB port which permits use of a standard USB charger. This radio is rated IP54 against dust and moisture. Manufacturers Warranty on the BD302 includes 3 year on parts and labor and 1 year on battery.

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